Vang Vieng Adventure #1

I hope you are as excited as me to explore Laos!

I heard from travellers that it was relatively untouched by crazy developments of high rise buildings and shopping malls. Just a hot spot for those backpackers marking it off the list of Southeast Asian countries.

I got to Vang Vieng straight from Thailand. Bought an overnight bus ticket from one of the many travel agencies in Khao San. I don’t think the price varies that much but on average it was around 800baht and I paid 750baht (around $25) .

I got on to the bus around 7pm and it arrived in Vientiane (capital city of Laos) around 5am. So it took around 12 hours? I was really lucky because I was the first to board the bus and got myself the very front seat on the double decker bus. I had so much room for my legs and a great view out of the huge window right in front of me.

My very own moving hotel! Haha

Two British guys followed after me and sighed in torment when they saw me and the seat that I had already taken.
They were like “Oh no…She’s got it already, she must be an avid traveller, she definitely knows what she’s doing”

Haha…it’s actually my first time backpacking around alone. Oops. Guess I can’t hide my traveler instincts.

The bus stopped at the border to issue us visas. I was so sleepy I forgot to take my camera out with me. But to describe it in words, it was the most peaceful setting I had ever been in. It was around 5am, everything was so quiet, and we were surrounded by green lush trees. We had to wait for everyone to finish their visa applications, so we stayed for 2 hours or so. There was a lady at the place selling breakfast, coffee and tea which was great!

After crossing the border, we had to switch to vans so the passengers were all separated on two different vans.

I was first thinking of stopping by at Vientiane but some of the travellers on the bus told me there’s really nothing to see at Vientiane. So I decided to go straight to Vang Vieng. I paid the driver 300baht (1oUSD) who was going to stop by Vientiane and go straight to Vang Vieng. It would have been cheaper if I had bought a ticket from Bangkok that goes straight to Vang Vieng. But yeh that’s what I get from changing my mind mid way….bahhh

So Vang Vieng it is!

Yes. Vang Vieng, the land of tubing!

To give you a little bit of hint to what happens next in my adventures….

No, sadly I couldn’t go tubing. The river was crazy because I went during off-season…I didn’t want to drown so I wimped out and didn’t risk it.

But I had an amazing time just embracing the air, nature and some scary adventures…

Keep tuned!

The first sight I had of Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng


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