Vang Vieng Adventure #1.5

The van from Vientiane got to the Bus Terminal in Vang Vieng which is pretty far apart from the main central area.

When I first got out I was like “um….uh oh….What is this? There’s absolutely nothing!!”

I quickly stuck with a group of people so I can share a ride. I shared a ride with a family on a tuk-tuk (truck looking like motorcycle) so I got to pay less. It was around $1 USD.

Crazy cheap right? I’m just so excited to go anywhere in Southeast Asia because of the crazy deals I get.

The driver first dropped off the family at a really nice hotel right next to the river that people go tubing along. Then the driver asked me where I was going and the first name that popped up in my head was Poomchai.

These are some pictures I took on the way to the guest house.

DSCN0707 DSCN0708

I had previously seen on other blogs about a great guesthouse called Poomchai Guesthouse. It’s a little far from the bars and the crowd so if you are looking for something quiet this is a great place!

Apparently this one didn’t have a stinky bathroom, had free wifi and a very clean room and guess what? Only 5 dollars a night (40,000 kip)! It’s usually this cheap when it’s off season. I got a double for myself, so if you have a partner that’s only 2.50 each for a night! I should have brought someone…

I don’t know about the high season but during off season you just need to walk in and they have lots of rooms available.

What’s great about off seasons is that accomodation prices are much lower, less people (if you want to avoid fellow tourist crowds), and the rain!

My rain~my typhoon~so much gray clouds above and about~

You may get some dreary photos with the overcast some times, but hey we have Photoshop 😉

I decided to walk around and go on my adventure the next day. I got myself Nutella roti, an all time favourite, with banana, YUM!!


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