Vang Vieng Adventure #4

After what seemed like a very very long time, I heard something.

“Is anybody there? Can anyone hear me?” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Please can anyone hear me?

I heard voices! Human voices! But they were moving away.

Like Rose from the Titanic, blowing the whistle in the middle of the dark sea I called out to them,

No come back…come back…

Come back!!!!!

Blow the Whistle

2 Laotians came to the rescue. What they saw was:

A terrified girl with tear stains on her face and drenched in sweat. I smiled so brightly when they found me. They laughed so hard. I bet they never thought in a million years they would find someone who had been lost for 2 hours in the cave.

I asked them, where is the exit? exit? out? I want go out!

They pointed to the entrance. Yes, I was pretty far down from the entrance, and I had managed to wander behind some huge boulders. Apparently I was circling behind the huge boulders which I why I couldn’t find my way back.

There is no fixed way to get back to the entrance, so you have to inch yourself around the boulders and jump across rocks.

The two young Laotians were still laughing as I waddled back to the entrance. I slipped. So embarrassing! But thank goodness I wasn’t going to end up as a skeleton in the cave. I slipped again. I could hear them laughing. They stood there and watched me until I was safe in an open clearing. Ahhh, I don’t care if they laughed, they were my guardian angels for all I care.

The entrance!



The moral of the day:

Rent a head lamp if they tell you to rent it.

Take a guide with you when they tell you to take a guide.

Don’t go into a cave alone

…especially when there is no one

…especially when it’s off-season.


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