Vang Vieng Adventure #5

Most of the restaurants in Vang Vieng is very tourist oriented. So many of the food and services made are very Western like. There are a lot of places where you can sit, chill and they have Family Guy and Friends on 24/7. Although I don’t really like hanging out where all the tourists go to, it was so relaxing to sit in, chill, sip my mint shake and watch Friends. I actually caught up with 3 seasons of Friends lol. It was so addictive!!! I was sitting there thinking, okay just this episode. This one and I’m going. And then another would follow right after that episode. And my brain would go through the same process again. Just this one. One more and I’m going…one more…one more…ARGH!!!! So that’s how I ended up spending the whole day watching Friends 😀

DSCN0768  DSCN0771

I saw more foreigners than local people. Vang Vieng is notorious for tubing and all the drowning accidents that increase every year. But even though tubing and drinking might not be in your agenda, it is great to go sight seeing, ride a bike to the caves and the blue lagoon. Also for those people who just want to read a book and chill, the town is actually very quiet and relaxing–this of course is during off-season . I cannot say the same for peak-season.


I happened to wake up really early the third day. I walked along the street my guesthouse was on and saw three restaurants in a row. Guess what? Lots and lots of locals all eating together. They were eating noodle and rice porridge.

Yes!! A chance to try out the noodle place. My one and only motto in a foreign country is to always try food where the locals eat–where a lot and lot of locals eat. I guarantee you the food is going to be amazing!

So this is what I ate for lunch, beef noodles. They call it Pho!!! Same as Vietnam. Possibly because they share a border?

There is a difference though. This Pho had tomatoes in it. There is also a side of mint, greens, and french green beans (okay…put that to the side because I hate the taste) with a side of a sweet soy bean paste looking like thing. The greens are eaten with this sauce and it’s so good! It’s like the Hoisin sauce you eat with Vietnamese Pho but chunkier.

The bottom line is: the Pho was soooo good!!



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