Preparing for South America

I know life doesn’t work as planned but hey this is why I ended up here preparing for a very long backpacking trip to South America.

So this is the plan:

Save up money BIG TIME (for three months?)

Learn some Spanish

oh and did I mention save money?


I have no idea how to pack for a what could turn out to be a year long backpacking trip

but as everyone who travels desires

I hope to travel LIGHT

I will have to pack so little to travel light but probably I will be able to grab necessities and other stuff throughout my journey. I’m thinking I will take a few clothes with me, my laptop, camera and cellphone. (Sounds like an electronic freak) 😀


I am hoping to live and travel on a budget in South America…perhaps $500 a month? It’s totally possible for places like Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru but we’ll see about Chile, Argentina and Brazil. I heard they can get pretty damn expensive.

So keep tuned! Let’s see how this all turns out. I’ll be writing about inside scoops of preparing for a backpacking trip and what actually goes on during one.





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