Sunrise Jog!!! One of the BEST things you can do!


I woke up for the first time in a million years at 4am. Apparently sun rise at Boston was supposed to be at 5:08am so I decided to jog to the Charles river with my friend.

Believe me. I was one grouchy person to wake up. My friend had to push me this way and that. She had to pull away my blankets and then put the alarm next to my ear. Then she played the guilt trip card and started talking about how it was my idea to go jog at 4am because we should and now is the time.

Yep! The guilt trip worked. We ran to the bridge and looked out at the vast water and sun rise although the sun was covered with a lot of clouds. While coming back I told my friend I never wanted to this again.

But you know what is so funny? I actually felt so GREAT for the whole day! I felt amazing! It was the longest morning I have ever enjoyed. I felt refreshed, I actually got some work done early in the morning and when I looked at the clock it was only 9am!! It was like I had the whole world to myself. Like I had gotten some magic watch that Hermione uses in Harry Potter. Like I could control time. It was AMAZING!!

You know that feeling when you wake up at half the day is gone? Well waking up for a sunrise jog is totally the opposite of that. It’s like you earned 2 days! I will definitely do this more often.

If you guys are stressed or just feel a bit down these days why not go for a morning jog? At 5am the whole world is yours–no one beeping at you, slamming into you on the pedestrian walk. Just you, yourself and the morning. Enjoy!


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