Finally Happening!!

It’s finally happening!!

After two months and a half I am finally going to South America!!

I don’t know whether I will have enough money but I worked as hard as I can switching between three part time jobs so no regrets! Actually I’m pretty sure this isn’t enough but maybe that would make me more open to opportunities out there as I will be travelling so broke. Haha. Maybe begging on the streets with a borrowed guitar. Who knows?

The most important thing is I’m finally going! Next week and I’ll be at my first destination.

Bogota. Columbia.

So keep tuned! I’ll be posting shortly about why I feel like I threw away half of my stuff and my bag still feels so big and heavy!


2 thoughts on “Finally Happening!!

  1. Fantastic work! You’ve reached the most difficult point. Beyond here, the adventure will begin to flow regardless of monetary means. I used to struggle in fear over having enough money while being abroad but as soon as I let that go the world really blossomed. Local customs became more bright and the people warmer!

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