Walking around Baños

There are still many things to do in Baños.

Mainly people go to the hot water springs, the famous one being “Las Piscinas de la Virgen”.

Also you can take a look around the peaceful park, climb the love bridge, tour the markets and get like 16 bananas for a dollar!

Everything is really convenient here for backpacking because many hostels offer kitchens and the market sells fresh fruits and vegetables for really cheap so you can make food if you don’t want to eat out.

Also there is a big supermarket for other things like pasta and such.

There are pizza and hamburger places everywhere!!! When you feel like pizza that you couldn’t get in Quito or in other cities because it was so expensive, here, personal pizzas are around 2.75 cents. So I feasted on pizza for the four days I was here…Pizza hog haha

One thing I have realized while traveling is that it’s a little difficult to live on budget when cities don’t have markets where people sell fresh fruits and vegetables for affordable prices. Usually supermarkets are little bit more expensive and in little villages, only little stores sell fruits and vegetables, but of course it’s not as fresh or cheap.

So let’s get moving on with the visuals!

This is in the park, love bridge…at the end of it, the right side, you can jump off and hopefully your spouse/boyfriend/partner can catch you…My one ran away

This is the Catholic church. The church has many paintings describing many incidents where the Virgin Mary helped the village from the nearby volcano.


It’s a valley so all four sides are covered by green lush mountains. This is on the way to the hot springs.


The waterfall right next to the hot springs.


Closer shot…trying to see what my camera can do


Woohoo…go camera!! Sometimes you can see people taking a shower under it and washing their feet. It’s really cold.


This is the view of the hot springs from the staircase next to the waterfall. We went during the night so I didn’t take any pictures.

But there are three swimming pools in the place. 1 is nice hot, the 2nd one is the same but bigger and the 3rd is scalding hot. Like soooo hot that you can’t be in there for more than a few seconds. But many older people seem to be immune to it!!! I just put my feet in later and still couldn’t handle it for more than 10 minutes.

So usually you see more people in the 1st and 2nd pool. The scalding hot pool is on the first floor. The others are on the top as you can see. It’s $2 during the day to get in but $3 during the night. Maybe it’s better to go during the night because it’s a little cooler so your poor head can be a little colder than your frying body 🙂


On our way back, there were many stores on the street selling sugar cane.

I’ve never tasted sugar cane in my life and I was so excited to try sugar cane.

I used to hear stories from my parents when they were young and always used to sneak into sugar cane farms and suck on sugar canes as snacks. Those days when we didn’t have such a wide variety of chips, sweets, and drinks.

These are the sugar cane rods.


Sweets made from sugar cane. Taffy! You can also see people making it. They use a hook on the wall to hang the sticky sugar cane sweet and lengthen it, hook it, lengthen it, hook it until it gets chewier? Actually we also have this in Korea. It’s called Yeot (엿). My favourite in Korea is the pumpkin yeot. They also usually put bean powder over it in Korea to make it a bit more savory. Another favourite snack for the older generation in Korea.


This is Jugo de Cana. Cane sugar juice. It’s really really SUPER SWEET and tastes a little like grass. For those of you wondering, in fact I have tasted grass when I was in elementary school. Now that I think about it we used to open the grass blade and a little white root was in it so we used to eat that…I have no idea why. Just the fact that we heard we could eat it. So every time we had assembly on the grass field we used to pick grass and eat the little part…


That in my mouth is a sugar cane piece. I really just wanted to try one but they were selling it in plastic bags with more than 20 pieces in them. So I pleaded if I can just have a piece and yey! I got one! It was so much better than the drink. Every time you bite into it sweet liquid oozes out and you chew it until there’s no more. It’s really fun to eat. Like chewing tobacco…or hopefully the feel of it since I haven’t tried chewing tobacco.


So there is a nearby volcano that is active. Tungurahua. You can usually see the smoke coming out of it on a clear day. Or you can see it properly if you climb up nearby mountains. You can’t go on to the volcano itself because it’s too dangerous.


Closer shot



Some random shots of random stuff.

Guinea pig meat!! It’s called Gui here and is considered a delicacy. I have yet to try it. It’s more expensive than other meat. It’s around $5 or more.


Arequipe! I was like what is this…and just bought it. It’s a little tub for 40 cents and comes with a spoon…It’s caramel. Really sweet milk caramel that you can scoop and eat. I might get diabetes after this.


Next…we’re moving on to the next city in Ecuador! Keep tuned! Please keep the comments coming. I’m always delighted to answer comments and hearing from you!


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