A Little Bit of Mexico

What to eat in Mexico

I recently travelled to Mexico City to show my mom around, go to Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe and Teotihuacan. We were only there for a few nights but were able to fit a lot into the schedule. This was our main diet. It wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be but hey it was delicioso!

1. Churros

We went to Churreria El Moro, known for their churros apparently so decided to give it a try. If you order a cup of hot chocolate, 4 churros comes with it. That’s around 6.50 USD. Not that cheap huh? Also we ordered  a strawberry milkshake. The churros were just churros nothing really WOW about it. But it was still good. The hot chocolate…I ordered a mexicana (you can choose from French, Spanish and something else I forget) which wasn’t rich at all and very watery. So maybe I ordered the wrong type of hot chocolate. The strawberry milkshake was really good and sweet. If you just want churros you can also just take it to go. It’s around 40cents per churros. They also have two different kinds of sugar they shake it in (white and cinnamon flavoured).


2. Avocado & Mangoes

We only found out about the HUGE supermarket on the last day. We were wondering for three days where we could find vegetables and fruits because all we could see were restaurants and chicken but no small supermarkets selling fruits and veggies (they’re not in downtown Mexico city). We went to Mercado de Merced and wow!!! Fresh mangoes and avocado everywhere!!! I do think I might have been ripped off because I couldn’t understand but it was still cheaper than the U.S. I got 5 mangoes for 1.80 USD and 3 avocado for 1.50 USD. Cheap right? And it was really really good!!


4. Chicken!! (Pollo)

In mexico city all I could see were taco and rotating bbq chicken everywhere! We just went into any restaurant downtown (I’ll show you a map in an upcoming post) and ordered stuff on the menu. My spanish is really limited…(if not nonexistent) so all my conversations with people consisted of pointing and nodding a lot. We got the chef’s salad with avocado (I remember how to say with avocado! con aguacate) and 1/4 chicken (pollo). I loved the side garnish that comes with the table. The salsa (with jalapenos) and the green thing that seems like it’s made from jalapenos and lime?? It was really fresh and good with the salad. I also was just craving for really spicy stuff.


Just some random things you can try out

Strawberry Yoghurt Drink!! Yummmm


I don’t know what this is called in Spanish but I call them rock snacks. They are really hard and crumbles easily and have a corn after taste. Anyone can tell me what these are? I bought it on the streets.


These I haven’t tried but they must be really sweet because bees love them!!