A different kind of life style far far away…Part 2

Our Normal Schedule

This is really cool! Usually the crab catchers tie up the crabs so that they are fixed but still living for selling. One pack is a dozen and they sell it for $5~$6 in the markets. Then the intermediaries sell it for $10 to the customers.


This is what we do with crabs. We measure it twice or three times a week to make sure crabs in the mangroves are growing properly.


Us trying to look professional.


Usually they tie up the crabs right after they catch it and while they are leaving for the city to sell. You can see the crabs are muddy.


Us patrolling during the day.


Checking sizes again. Usually the crabs are 85cm wide and 63cm high.


Putting up the black list or people who haven’t paid their $5 a month fee for catching crabs. We had to go out really early around 6am so everyone could see it before they left to catch crabs. Black list is for people who haven’t paid like for a year!


People showing us how to catch full-grown crabs in the mangroves with hands. They were so quick! We had 28 crabs in less than an hour! Crab feasting tonight!!!

P1080306 P1080326

Aren’t the mangroves really pretty and intricate?

P1080327 P1080269

On our way to clean islands. Rubbish flows across the river from different communities and accumulate on the banks of mangroves. Why can’t everyone just use the rubbish bin!!


Packed boat. We need as many people as we can get to go cleaning!!

DSC03124 DSC03125

Picking up bottles filled with unidentifiable liquid in them…

DSC03127 DSC03129 DSC03131

More cleaning! We had to evacuate soon after because there were so many bees and wasps!!!


Piles and piles of rubbish!


What a productive day!


Finally back home!