Juan Valdez Cafe!

So what is the most popular cafe in Columbia and in South America?

Juan Valdez! Way cheaper than Starbucks and quality is even better.

It’s a famous Colombian product and is spread across South America in replacement of all the starbucks we see around the world.

It used to be my favourite place to go to in Columbia to chill and read.

Usually coffees range from $1~$3 USD. Their cakes are really good too. For a cheap poor traveller like me it’s a sweet indulgence.

Many of the Juan Valdez cafes all sell their products such as t-shirts, bags and their premium coffee beans and powder.


Juan Valdez Bag

One side of the wall of the cafe.


Juan Valdez Cafe in Bogota, Colombia

The cafe itself. Yes it’s fancy. The next starbucks.


Juan Valdez Cafe

I don’t know if Juan Valdez has stretched its legs to other parts of the world yet.