Hostel in Bogota

Hostel hunting in Bogota was so much easier than what I had to go through in Medellin and Ecuador.

A taxi driver from the airport brought us to a hostel in La Candelaria (where most of the guesthouses and hostels are).

The hostel he brought us to was really run down and not good at all not to mention really expensive!

So we moved on to the next hostel which turned out to be great! A spacious room with a shared bathroom but with a huge window!

Only 42000 pesos for two people.

Hostel Argon. It has a large kitchen downstairs and coffee is always ready for breakfast.

Cooking is so much cheaper than eating outside. This is true especially in Columbia.

I ended up always using less than $20 per day if IF I cooked (including accommodation).

Usually a lot of vegetables and fruits always costs me $3 and lasts for 3 days too! Muy bien!

The view from the window!


Another view from the window!


New friends I made at the hostel. She works at a restaurant nearby and one day decided to cook for us

in the kitchen downstairs!


Mmmm…Rice with meat and veggies. Best with Columbian beer! Really cheap beer too!