Baños: Paílón del Diablo!

Paílón del Diablo is one of the famous waterfalls to see in Baños. Baños in Ecuador is considered to be a place for people who enjoy extreme sports.

You can enjoy various activities here such as rafting, zip-lining, kayaking, bungee jumping and more.

Although it’s pretty cheap to do those activities here, I decided I just wanted to rent a bicycle and go to  Paílón del Diablo. It means the pan of the devil (or pot of the devil?).

It is $5 to borrow a bicycle for the whole day. There are many shops that rent bicycles and give you good offers for extreme sports.

It was really cool taking the bike, but I didn’t know it would take so long, and it’s downhill all the way. Like ALL THE WAY. What’s more is that more than half the track is just a road for cars and trucks, so it’s a little terrifying every time a huge truck passes by and whips past your ears.


Sometimes whenever there is a tunnel for trucks or cars, there is another way right next to the tunnel for cars and bicycles to take so you can avoid getting hit in the dark tunnel by trucks.


But one good thing about taking the bicycle is that you can stop any time any where to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There are so many natural waterfalls small and big near and far. As you cycle along, you see water dripping from little waterfalls on the roads, like natural showers. It’s FREEZING.


Ahhh….Too cold….


I think I’m the better photographer lol


More waterfalls along the way.


Wow you butt starts hurting after cycling for like 2 hours to  Paílón del Diablo. I never knew I had to be so prepared to come to Baños. haha it sounds like I’m complaining all the time about climbing mountains and exercising despite the fact that I’m always excited the day before to start moving my body. So when I complain to Kosuke, he’s always saying…but you said let’s go…and yeh I can’t say anything to that noooooooo

Anyways you have to know I haven’t exercised this intensely for a long time so cycling for 2 hours, hiking for 6 hours is just….crazy for me.

We saw a lot of extreme sports’ stands along the way advertising 15 dollars for zip-line and such.

I was like donkeys!!! Let’s take pictures!! and found out they were horses. bahhhh


Once we hit the town, the entrance to  Paílón del Diablo,  we went into a little store to get drinks to eat with breads we bought in the morning. We asked which way leads to  Paílón del Diablo and apparently there are two entrances. There is a new one and a old one. The woman at the counter said the new one had a better view…so that’s where we went.

We paid $2 for entrance.

On our way in.


Along the trail leading to the famous waterfall!


There’s this hanging bridge leading to  Paílón del Diablo. Amazing view right?


There was no one so I decided to get as many pictures I can…The photographer was not helpful at all.

Title of this work is supposed to be: Trying to climb the Himalayas

but the photo came out as if the bridge was just straight and not tilted sharply downwards at all


Title of this work is: Hola!

But here again the bridge does not look steep at all…and I look like a gorilla hanging on a rope…or I am one 😉


And now the moment you have all been waiting for….


Paílón del Diablo!


It looks like some scene from a movie or animation!! So cool!!


The waterfall is sooooooo fast and powerful! Can’t imagine what’s going to happen if you get whipped by it…



We were so tired to go back by bike all the way to Baños so we took a truck taking bikers back for $2 each. There were a lot of other bikers like us who were too tired and couldn’t face the steep uphill all the way back to town. Note I said it was downhill to the waterfall ALL the way 🙂

Something you can do those of you who are on budget!