FOOD #1…and beverages

Normal meals in Colombia and many countries in South America consist of soup or fruit salad for the first round. Then for the second round it’s rice or fries (sometimes both) with a choice of meat and beans/lentils with salad and BBQ plantains on the side. The meal always include juice as well!

Columbia is a little expensive considering the prices in the surrounding countries. This plate was $4. The usual price for street restaurants for lunch.


A normal meal in Colombia

I just needed to put this up to show how HUGE avocados are here and just wanted to emphasis how much I LOVE avocados!


Huge avocados!

Now on to beverages….BEER!

Beer is pretty cheap in Columbia and really good too. Although I can’t really say I know what is good beer and bad beer…as long as it gets me drunk and does the job well 😉 Usually for a six pack it’s $5~$6USD.


Beer section

Someone really needs to tell me what this drink…or dessert is called! It has a lot of different fruits in it such as strawberries, papaya….a lot of papaya. They’re all mixed in cream and topped with shredded cheese. What is this? It looks really sweet but actually it’s not at all and very creamy and fruity. $1 on the streets.


Cool fruit…cream…drink?

My favourite manzana (apple) soda. Usually fast food places ask you what kind of soda you want and ask between coke or this soda! Mmmmm! They have similar variations of this in different South American countries.


Apple Soda

My ultimate favourite drink in the whole of South America! Guanabana!! They have these drink carts everywhere in Columbia and usually sell between Guanabana and Mandarina juice. Get the guanabana one! Tastes like drinking yoghurt! Mmmmm! Usually 50 cents to $1USD.

Those green huge spiky things are guanabana and the inside is white. I have never seen this in my life until this trip! So many fruits to try in this world!


Juice carts-guanabana and mandarina

PS. I just thought I should share what I usually eat when I’m broke and am trying to live cheap. Always the rule of thumb is to eat in! Restaurants will be always expensive. If we go to supermarkets and buy loads of vegetables and fruits for the same price of a meal at a restaurant, it can feed us for two days straight.

This is rice with stir-fried veggies and minced meat in sweet soysauce. Yum….


Random cooked meal #1

Spaghetti! We have been making so many different kinds of spaghetti because it’s the easiest and cheapest to make. Usually the noodles sold in supermarkets are 80cents and can feed two people. Just sauté garlic and chili pepper first and add all the other ingredients soon after (onions, tomato, mushrooms, spinach) and finish it off with ready-made tomato paste. It can never go wrong.


Random cooked meal #2

Apples we bought in the fruits/vegetables market for 40 cents.


I love Bogota