Monserrate in Bogota

There aren’t many things to do in Bogota except go to the Salt Cathedral, Botero Museum (artist famous for drawing plump people) and Monserrate.

Monserrate is the highest point in Bogota where you can look down the whole city.

It’s around 3152 meters. You can either take a cable car (teleferico) or the train which is the same price. Both are for 14,000 pesos (around 8 USD).

You can also just choose to walk which I heard was a bit more dangerous. But hey everyone needs more exercise.

I was too lazy so I decided to take the cable car.

If you live in the La Candelaria region, it’s easy to walk to the base of the mountain to take the train or the cable car.

We saw the cables on the mountains from afar from our hostel so decided to walk to it which turned out to be a red carpet walk.

We lost sight of the cables on the mountain and there was a huge group of middle school students waiting to get into a museum.

We tried asking how to get to the base of the mountain using our VERY VERY limited Spanish and the kids all just goggled at us.

They took pictures of us and with us and started saying random words like sushi and such. hahaha. I realized the effect of Korean drama when some girls came up to me and start saying some actress names. Yey! Korean drama!

That continued until the teacher came to goggle at us as well and finally decided to disperse the crowd around us.

We got no information though but we decided to keep walking.

Still walking…




Going up the teleferico!


Still going up. Actually only takes 4 minutes 🙂


Once you get up you see a big church. Behind the big church is a little way for vendors selling food and religious products. We decided to keep moving until we found this empty lot in the back!

Looks like a scene from a old Western movie!


Next to the church is the 14 Stations of the Cross.




The view from the top. Oh why oh why!!!! The weather was very cloudy the whole week. Usual for Bogota this time of the year. Damn you September!



View of Bogota! Still good 🙂

DSC02278 DSC02282

Going back to the teleferico to get back down.


Coming up! Best cafe in South America? Starbucks,,,,,NOT.